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I have written quite a few tunes that are frequently used on TV and radio often with composer Dan Teper. I have also played and written for film and done numerous sessions including appearing on several albums for KPM/EMI including Cheescore Deluxe and Happy Now with Dan. You can hear some examples below of my TV music and/or playing in a commercial context below. Uses include TV programmes Britain's Got Talent, Harry Hill's TV Burp, How to Look Good Naked, Nina and the Neurons (CBeebies), TV/Radio adverts for Ford and many others. I also work on library music with composer, saxophonist and member of Gong, Ian East.
Track 1 Fromajio Mash Up is a sampler of session work I have done for the infamous Cheesemeister Danny Fromajio on KPM.
Track 2 is the theme to the 2005 feature film Things to do Before You're 30 written by Dan Teper with myself on guitar
Track 3 Bifter is a slice of cheese I wrote with Dan which has been used on numerous prime time TV shows.
Track 4 Little Romance is another of our compositions also featured on the KPM album Cheesecore Deluxe.
Track 5 The Swinging Conga as above.

KPM Composer Movie about Dan Teper also featuring myself and Dan's nicely bohemian studio set up.