Some of the bands I play in are listed below. You can buy CDs here
Patrick Naylor Quartet, Soundial and the brand new Days of Blue
I have released 3 albums of original music under my own name. The current line up is Ian East on sax, Milo Fell on drums, David Beebee on bass and piano and myself on guitar.

Viper’s Dream
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Long running Gypsy Jazz band which I run with guitarist Tim Robinson. It also features Alex Keen - double bass, Daniel Teper - accordion, Sara Mitra - vocals and Richie Howard - clarinet. We have released 3 albums. Buy CDs here or on Itunes

Firefly Acoustic AKA The Gypsy Dreamers
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The Gypsy Dreamers features Natalie Rozario on cello/vocals, Una Palliser on violin/vocals, Thierry Deneux on percussion/vocals and myself on guitar/whistling.